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The strategic role connected lighting is playing in smart cities

22nd August 2017

The growing population and inevitable urbanisation are two of the key macro factors driving the need for smart city development. By 2050, ten billion people are expected to inhabit the planet, ...

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Smart phone boxes are coming to London

28th October 2016

BT has revealed new plans for ‘the next evolution’ of its public payphones. With the number of people using traditional phone boxes dwindling, BT have announced plans for new smart ...

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US postal service set to become smart

3rd October 2016

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is considering proposals for five programs aimed at improving smart city technology. In 2015, the ‘Internet of Postal Things’ report looked at ...

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Learning from leading smart cities

30th August 2016

When it comes to smart city rankings, European cities often dominate the tables, and we should use these cities as best-practice models for future city development. Juniper Research has stated ...

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Smart city 2.0

25th August 2016

As cities evolve, there is an opportunity for them to become thinking, feeling entities that can self-regulate and self-modulate. Although countries across the globe are running smart city trials, ...

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New jobs for smart cities

13th July 2016

As cities become smarter, and technology becomes an even bigger part of city living, we must consider how this will influence jobs in these cities. Laura Hepler has put forward a number of new jobs ...

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US Smart City Challenge winner announced

24th June 2016

Columbus has been named the winning city in the US Department’s Smart City Challenge. Columbus, Ohio beat six other finalists, including San Francisco, Austin, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Mo., ...

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Smart cities breakfast briefing announced

17th June 2016

With only two weeks to go until Lucy Zodion’s exclusive smart cities breakfast briefing, places are filling up quickly. On 1st July 2016, Lucy Zodion are holding their first smart cities ...

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UK startups entering smart city market

23rd May 2016

UK startups are looking to get involved in smart cities in south-east Asia, with help from the Government trade mission. The smart city market is very lucrative for businesses, and the UK’s ...

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UK's first Smart Cities Index published

17th May 2016

London and Bristol have been crowned the UK’s top smart cities in the first UK Smart Cities Index, commissioned by Huawei. Both cities were named ‘leaders’, with Birmingham, ...

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Our cities need smart construction

25th April 2016

In many cities, there is a need for a balance between modernisation and preserving history. This makes it difficult for some cities to take advantage of new technology, but with the growing trend of ...

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UK firms give presentation on Smart City

3rd March 2016

United Kingdom-based multinational consultancy companies gave a presentation on various aspects of a smart city during a round-table session in Ludhiana. The representatives made a presentation on ...

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