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Waste management could be smarter

15th June 2016

| #smart waste

When thinking about smart cities, it’s likely that your first thought doesn’t involve waste management. But with the total volume of global waste set to increase by almost 50% over the next decade, smart waste solutions are an important element of the smart city.

The market for waste technology is growing, with smart solutions currently aiding the processing of more than 40% of the world’s urban waste. Ecube, a startup based in South Korea, has created a solar-powered, smart waste bin that enables authorities to monitor the level of rubbish in each bin. It currently has 2,500 smart waste networks globally, although unlike the majority of the IoT they are focusing on Latin America, rather than Europe and the US.  

Ecube’s executive director, Roger Kim, says that the company are trying to disprove the, “misconception that [their] solutions are only for rich countries”. Last year they fitted two Columbian cities, Ibague and Santa Marta, with smart waste networks. One hundred and thirty of their Clean Cube bins were fitted around the cities; the bins are powered by a solar panel and they are equipped with fill sensors and compactors, a Wi-Fi hotspot and an LED screen for adverts.

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