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The strategic role connected lighting is playing in smart cities

22nd August 2017

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The growing population and inevitable urbanisation are two of the key macro factors driving the need for smart city development. By 2050, ten billion people are expected to inhabit the planet, which means increased strain will be placed on energy resources especially in urban centres. Combine this with a growing concern for global warming and the need for a sustainable solution is apparent. 

Smart cities have always been around and have always been influenced by the external factors affecting the way citizens live their lives. The modern day smart city is required to juggle a number of factors, while holding citizens at the heart. Something that has evolved alongside smart city development is streetlighting, which can be a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of smart technologies. 

As an integral part of our world's cities, upon our streets, lampposts are ubiquitous. Additionally, the introduction of LEDs has propelled  streetlighting in to street folder that can offer abundant benefits; not only are they energy efficient, but they are ready to connect to digital networks. This helps to capture data-driven insights from cities to make them more liveable and sustainable. 

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