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Smart City 3.0 has been heralded

24th November 2017

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As the paradigm of smart cities continues to evolve, a trend is emerging around citizen centricity. Heralded as the the 3rd stage of smart city development, due to its rapid adoption, smart city 3.0 considers cities beyond their technological features and rather focuses on the way citizens can impact their creation. 

With the introduction of smart cities came smart city 1.0. The smart city 1.0 was technology driven, local governments aimed to maximize the advantage of the use of technology. The use of technology here aimed to improve things such as viability, sustainability, and control. An example of a smart city 1.0 project, is the development of the Songdo Business District in Seoul. The city of Songdo was created from scratch and was built with the use of IoT in mind. The city is fully connected due to the use of different technologies.

The concept of smart city 2.0 functions a bit differently than the smart city 1.0. This concept is technology enabled, city-led. In this concepts local governments aimed to use technology to help to determine the future of their city. Therefore, local governments deployed the use of smart technologies as a tool to improve the quality of life. An example of project within the smart city 2.0 concept occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Mayor of the Rio de Janeiro, went to seek for IBM expertise in order to create a sensor network that helped to mitigate the role of landslides in the hillside favelas.

Due to the rapid adoption of the smart city concept, the smart city model rapidly evolved. The most recent evolution in the smart city concept is the smart city 3.0. Smart city 3.0, looks at cities beyond being technology or city driven. This concept focuses on citizen co-creation. Therefore, the concept of smart city 3.0 looks at broader subjects such as social inclusion, democracy, enterprise creation and building social capital.

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