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Smart cities aren't enough, they should be responsive above all else

20th October 2017

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Digitalistation is a growing phenomenon. At every touchpoint throughout our daily life, there is at least one element that has been enhanced by digitalisation, from the way we control our heating, to the way the lampposts on our street behave. A lot of the time these 'smart' upgrades are unnoticible, this is because they are not responsive to citizen needs. 

From a user persepective, responsive cities use digital advances to noticeably transform the way citizens go about their daily life. It's the end-user benefits that are important for smart city success, so developing solutions that positively affect residents will make large waves in how the shift into smart cities are perceived. 

This Tech Crunch article explores the concept of 'responsive cities' and highlights the key differences they have against 'smart cities'. It suggests that in order to evolve into a city that fully realises the potential of IoT and the delivery of tangible benefits to inhabitants, there are three stages they need to go through. In short, these are:  'See, Think, Do'. Find out about these stages in more detail, here:

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