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How to build safe, smart cities on a budget

20th December 2017

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As cities become smarter and data becomes an even bigger driver for digitalisation, systems are working increasingly harder to develop pathways for the communication of information. Low power, wide area networks are becomming increasingly popular with smart city development, which enable partnerships that increase cost efficiencies between a number of collaborators. Open-source and open-community projects can help bridge the gap between cost and collaboration, creating well-funded smart city projects. 

Safe and smart cities help to encourage community and develop a new revenue stream for local businesses. Better lit and more secure spaces ensure citizens feel safe in their local town, which encourages them to explore the local area more; thus benefiting leisure, retail and hospitality businesses. The ROI for safe and smart cities can be measured effectively by way of the reductions of municipalities, such as the energy savings smart street lighting can bring and the metering systems that can monitor other variables. 

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