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December 2017

November 2017

Smart City 3.0 has been heralded

24th November 2017

As the paradigm of smart cities continues to evolve, a trend is emerging around citizen centricity. Heralded as the the 3rd stage of smart city development, due to its rapid adoption, smart city ...

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October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

The strategic role connected lighting is playing in smart cities

22nd August 2017

The growing population and inevitable urbanisation are two of the key macro factors driving the need for smart city development. By 2050, ten billion people are expected to inhabit the planet, ...

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July 2017

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May 2017

March 2017

November 2016

Banks are in a unique position to aid smart cities

25th November 2016

Smart cities need the data power of private sectors as well as governments in order to evolve, according to an IoT expert. Hossein Rahnama, CEO of context-aware computing startup Flybits, said ...

Cleantech companies moving into the smart city market

4th November 2016

Many clean technology (cleantech) startups are rebranding themselves as smart city companies, according to Bloomberg. Startups are targeting their existing products at the smart city market, a ...

Cisco pledges support for Indian smart cities

4th November 2016

Cisco Systems, a large US networking hardware company, has announced its plans to help 100 Indian cities to become ‘connected’. Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s CEO, has confirmed the ...

Insurance and the IoT

3rd November 2016

Insurers are always looking for new ways to sell their services, but with Admiral’s recent attempt to use customers’ Facebook data to calculate their car insurance premium, could the IoT ...


October 2016

Smart phone boxes are coming to London

28th October 2016

BT has revealed new plans for ‘the next evolution’ of its public payphones. With the number of people using traditional phone boxes dwindling, BT have announced plans for new smart ...

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LEDs set to save Kent County Council Ł5m annually

26th October 2016

Kent County Council’s plans to replace their traditional streetlights with LEDs will be partly funded by the Green Investment Bank (GIB). The program, which is expected to cost £40 ...

Smart Cities Collaborative launched in the US

18th October 2016

Although the US Smart City Challenge has been won, the movement to improve urban mobility across America is just beginning. The Transport for America alliance and Sidewalk Labs are backing the new ...

New report compares global smart cities

11th October 2016

A new report has revealed the similarities and differences in smart cities across the globe, with interesting insight into how unique cultural and social factors shape smart city projects. ...

US Government gives smart cities a helping hand

4th October 2016

The White House has pledged a further $80million to smart city and technology projects, in addition to their $160 million investment in 2015. The National Science Foundation will benefit from the ...

US postal service set to become smart

3rd October 2016

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is considering proposals for five programs aimed at improving smart city technology. In 2015, the ‘Internet of Postal Things’ report looked at ...

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September 2016

Will smart citizens own cars?

30th September 2016

Sidewalk Labs has predicted that personal car ownership will become a thing of the past, but what does this mean for smart cities? Klaus Bondam, Copenhagen’s former mayor for roads and ...

Consumer interest in the IoT is waning

14th September 2016

IoT developers are constantly promising more from the IoT, but a recent survey has shown that consumer demand for IoT devices is stalling. Those working in the IoT industry believe that the ...


Smart cities must avoid vendor lock-in

5th September 2016

As technology becomes more deeply embedded into our cities, one of the biggest issues facing city authorities is ensuring that they aren’t locked into a single provider. Cities across the ...

#open standards

Smart energy could prevent UK blackouts

1st September 2016

National Grid’s new UK chief, Nicola Shaw, has claimed that smart technology could revolutionise the energy sector and ensure security of supply. She believes that an ‘internet of ...

#smart energy

August 2016

Amazon IoT button launched in the UK

31st August 2016

Consumers in the UK can now instantly purchase items with the launch of Amazon’s Dash IoT button. The wireless buttons, which are powered by Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), ...


Learning from leading smart cities

30th August 2016

When it comes to smart city rankings, European cities often dominate the tables, and we should use these cities as best-practice models for future city development. Juniper Research has stated ...

#smart city

Smart city 2.0

25th August 2016

As cities evolve, there is an opportunity for them to become thinking, feeling entities that can self-regulate and self-modulate. Although countries across the globe are running smart city trials, ...

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Successful uses of big data

25th August 2016

Big data can be extremely valuable to businesses, and many are already benefitting from their use of data analytics. Wal Mart have been gathering big data for several years, and it has provided ...

#big data

4 challenges facing IoT developers

24th August 2016

Many companies are implementing IoT into their products and services without considering or understanding the challenges they face. To ensure IoT adoption is successful, they need to anticipate a ...

The IoT is already creating new jobs

19th August 2016

There is a lot of buzz about how the IoT will change the world, but the new jobs that have already been borne out of the IoT prove that it is already influencing our lives. We now have ...


Smarter cities, safer homes?

3rd August 2016

Zurich Insurance have announced that they will be partnering with smart tech company, Cocoon, to create an all-in-one home security system. Cocoon is an innovative security system that utilises ...


July 2016

Smart cities: your questions

29th July 2016

The recent smart cities webinar, run by Lucy Zodion and Local Government News, focused on barriers to delivery and optimising infrastructure in a smart city. You can view the webinar and presenter ...

Five key areas for improvement in smart cities

28th July 2016

With city populations set to rise exponentially, it’s crucial for city leaders to find more efficient ways to use resources. Smart city technology could provide solutions in a number of ...

Experts agree with findings of smart cities report

27th July 2016

Business and council experts largely agreed with the findings of Lucy Zodion’s smart cities report at a recent roundtable meeting. Representatives from smart enterprises, such as Urban DNA, ...

Smart cities facing data overload

22nd July 2016

Smart cities are still a relatively new concept, but there are concerns that we may soon be overwhelmed by the amount of data that smart cities produce. Laurence James, from data storage and ...

#big data

Enhancing mobility in our future cities

18th July 2016

Government and industry leaders came together recently to discuss urban mobility solutions for future cities. The World Cities Summit 2016, held in Singapore, saw these experts discuss the ...

IoT now accounts for a quarter of IT spending

15th July 2016

Vodafone’s annual Internet of Things Barometer has indicated that spending on IoT is now equal to spending on cloud and data analytics. Around 24% of the average enterprise IT budget is now ...

Businesses must get strategic with IoT

14th July 2016

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly, and many organisations have experienced success with pilot IoT projects. However, as they look to move into wider deployments of IoT devices, they must ...


New jobs for smart cities

13th July 2016

As cities become smarter, and technology becomes an even bigger part of city living, we must consider how this will influence jobs in these cities. Laura Hepler has put forward a number of new jobs ...

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Peterborough wins global smart cities award

1st July 2016

Peterborough City Council has won the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Public Sector Smart City Award. The prize is $25,000 in promotional credits, which can be used to offset the costs of their ...

June 2016

US Smart City Challenge winner announced

24th June 2016

Columbus has been named the winning city in the US Department’s Smart City Challenge. Columbus, Ohio beat six other finalists, including San Francisco, Austin, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Mo., ...

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Tech experts face challenges from the IoT

23rd June 2016

There are many opportunities that come with the IoT – improved utility, increased efficiency and convenience of services – but there are also new challenges, which the tech community must ...


London needs support to grow IoT industry

22nd June 2016

It’s London Technology Week, and Jim Bowes – CEO and co-founder of digital consultancy Manifesto – has called for more support for London’s IoT sector. Bowes suggested ways ...


Smart cities breakfast briefing announced

17th June 2016

With only two weeks to go until Lucy Zodion’s exclusive smart cities breakfast briefing, places are filling up quickly. On 1st July 2016, Lucy Zodion are holding their first smart cities ...

#smart city

Smart meters needed to power smart cities

16th June 2016

Claire Maughan, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, believes that smart meter technology is critical for cities to evolve. Increasing city populations will necessitate a more ...

Waste management could be smarter

15th June 2016

When thinking about smart cities, it’s likely that your first thought doesn’t involve waste management. But with the total volume of global waste set to increase by almost 50% over the ...

#smart waste

Businesses must understand value of IoT

9th June 2016

It’s an exciting time for the IoT, with predictions for IoT market to increase dramatically over the next few years - but many businesses are currently unsure of how the IoT will drive new ...

May 2016

What will our future cities look like?

26th May 2016

While there are many plans and ideas for smart cities, at the moment we can only guess at how smart cities will actually materialise. It’s likely that the current utopian imagery, ...

Millennials need 'youthful' cities

24th May 2016

A new survey, undertaken by YouthfulCities, has revealed that millennials want more than a smart city – they want a youthful city. YouthfulCities interviewed 15,000 people aged 15-34, across ...


UK startups entering smart city market

23rd May 2016

UK startups are looking to get involved in smart cities in south-east Asia, with help from the Government trade mission. The smart city market is very lucrative for businesses, and the UK’s ...

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UK's first Smart Cities Index published

17th May 2016

London and Bristol have been crowned the UK’s top smart cities in the first UK Smart Cities Index, commissioned by Huawei. Both cities were named ‘leaders’, with Birmingham, ...

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April 2016

Alphabet plans to create its own smart city

26th April 2016

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, are the latest company to get involved in the smart cities buzz. Their urban planning team, Sidewalk Labs, will soon be pitching a proposal to get into the ...

Our cities need smart construction

25th April 2016

In many cities, there is a need for a balance between modernisation and preserving history. This makes it difficult for some cities to take advantage of new technology, but with the growing trend of ...

#smart city

Smart cities need smart citizens

21st April 2016

When talking about smart cities, we must prioritise the ‘smart citizens’ that will inhabit those cities. The end-user is the focus in the development of any new technology, and smart ...

#smart citizens

Why we must develop smart citizenry

14th April 2016

With the buzz around smart cities ever-increasing, more cities are looking to become ‘smart’ every day. Robert Bond, a lawyer with London law firm Charles Russell Speechlys, says that we ...

#smart citizens

Maintaining diversity in a smart city

13th April 2016

With so many people from different cultures and backgrounds living in close proximity, cities are typically diverse places. However, with the internet becoming increasingly influential as cities ...


The network is at the heart of smart cities

12th April 2016

In 2016, there’s likely to be a 30% rise in connected ‘things’, according to research by Gartner. With so many devices networked into the Internet of Things (IoT), the network ...


March 2016

Huawei and Samsung trial connected city lighting

16th March 2016

Networking suppliers Huawei and Samsung have both debuted smart street lighting solutions to enable city authorities to enhance the control and performance of their street infrastructure, and achieve ...

UK firms give presentation on Smart City

3rd March 2016

United Kingdom-based multinational consultancy companies gave a presentation on various aspects of a smart city during a round-table session in Ludhiana. The representatives made a presentation on ...

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February 2016

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