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Smart City Guides

HEA presentation by John Fox, MD, Lucy Zodion LTD 

This slide deck was presented at the end of 2015 at the HEA conference. These slides provide a visual summary of the role the humble lamppost can play as the heart of a connected Smart City.

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Smart infrastructure

This essay explores how city infrastructure can be made smart with the use of new sensor and data management technologies. It considers how sensors embedded within new and existing infrastructure could monitor conditions and provide real-time feedback when modifications are needed.


Future of cities: Technology Workshop 

This report summarises the findings of a workshop exploring the implications of technological change for current planners and policy makers.


Creating better places to live, work and play

How a £1.5 million investment helped cities deliver an additional £100 million in private investment to make their cities smarter.


Collective approaches to urban space 

Many of the public spaces in cities are actually privately owned. This essay looks at the practice of ‘commoning’ - creating spaces in the city owned and maintained by the local community.

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