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Top Tip #4 – Keep citizens at the heart

1st June 2017

The increasing number of urbanites is a driving force behind the movement towards smarter cities. Using communications to enhance scope and performance of urban services, to reduce resource use, ...

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Can everyone have their say in a smart city?

27th October 2016

Cities are typically very diverse places, with people of all backgrounds living and working together, and cities that are looking to become smarter should aim to ensure that their plans are inclusive ...

What's going on in our smart cities?

7th October 2016

Many struggle with the term ‘smart city’. It’s a concept that can be confusing – what exactly is smart about smart cities? Recent surveys have revealed that only a third of ...

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September 2016

Smart cities will be green cities

9th September 2016

The UK government has made environmental action a priority – earlier in 2016, they announced a world-leading climate change target of a 57% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 on 1990 levels. ...

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How can we make smart cities a reality?

13th May 2016

Smart city pilots are emerging across the globe, from London to New Delhi. These cities are testing grounds for our future cities, areas where smart technology can be trialled and the  effects ...

April 2016

Will smart cities be safe cities?

29th April 2016

With news that global spending for IoT security is set to increase to £239m this year, how is technology improving safety in urban city environments?  As city populations continue to ...

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