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Lucy Zodion is a leader in the design and manufacture of street lighting equipment in the UK. We believe in the constant innovation of products and services for today for a smarter tomorrow.

Our Role in Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The future role of the humble lamppost

Smart Cities is a growing buzz-phrase in the media alongside ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) for connectivity.
Combined they provide a focus on the “Humble Lamppost” and highlight the critical importance of this asset in ‘Future City’ plans.

It is well documented that Smart Cities will deliver: new services, efficiencies (resource, money, time) and a wealth of society benefits. At Lucy Zodion we believe that the UK has a wealth of untapped infrastructure opportunity ready to be utilised, the humble lamppost is the key to the heart of a connected Smart City.

Why the lamppost:

They are publicly owned, placed close to citizens and already connected to a power supply. The role of the lamppost has many possibilities in a connected Smart City, here are just a few:

  • Data relay
  • WiFi
  • LiFi
  • Pico/femtocell
  • Advertising / rental
  • Vehicle / device charging
  • Sensors - data on lighting / pollution / footfall / noise
    • Parking management
    • Traffic management
    • Rental
  • Dynamic road actions

The key now is separating enabling technology from viable use-cases that can be monetised. At Lucy Zodion, we believe the lamppost is at the heart of Smart Cities and we are exploring this vision.

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